Terms of Rent


  1. To rent a boat you must be 18 years old and to be able to swim.
  2. You must not drive under influence of alchool or drugs
  3. You can not sail if the weather conditions are bad as well as before the sunrise or after the sunset
  4. You have to keep a distance at least 200m from the coast, swimmers, buoys, when you sail with high speed.
  5. Keep a distance at least 50m from the other boats
  6. When you are closer than 200 m from the coast, swimmers, buoys, your max speed has to be less than 5 knots/hour
  7. Departure and return to the coast are permitted within marked channel with a speed less than 5 knots/hour


Boats are insured for third part only.

It means that if you make any damage to the boat or to the engine by yourself, you have to pay for it.


Petrol is extra.

You pay for your boat at the beginning of your boat trip.

You pay for the petrol you used at the end of your boat trip.


If you wish to reserve a boat, we ask a 50% payment in advance.


When wind blows from the N/NE/NW at the speed of 5 Bf or from the S/SE/SO at the speed of 3Bf is not possible to rent a boat.


In case of bad weather we give you the opportunity to choose another day for your boat trip. If this is not possible, we refund you the paid amount.


If you prefer to have a captain that drive for you, we organise taxi service to the beaches and boat trips to the caves and beaches of the area of Paleokastritsa.

Departure/Return of private recreation motorboats/sea means of transport

The departure as well as the return of private speedboats or motor (operated) sea means of recreation in general, which are ruled by the terms of this regulation, with the use of motor engine, are permitted in the following cases:

  1. from and to their anchoring facilities (ports, marinas, resorts)
  2. from and to inclined planes (slides) which have been built for their refloating and launching providing that within fifty (50) meters distance from both sides of their sailing route there are no bathers or they (the motorboats) are sailing/moving within the mared channel(s) which extends to a distance of one hundred (100) meters in continuation of the inclined plane to the open sea.
  3. from and to the coast except for the bathing facilities providing that:
    • they sail within a ten (10) meters wide marked channel. For the creation or not of the channel, for the marking of which the paragraph 2 pf the article 27 is applied and for its width, the committee of the article 35 decides. In any case, the distance between the channels of the subcase is no less than three hundred (300) meters. The distance mentioned above (three hundred – 300 – meters) must be kept between the channels of paragraph 1 of article 27 an the channels of this subcase. The terms of the two previous sections do not apply to the already licenced channels. The legal entity or the person to whom the channel space or the coast  or the seaside space has been leased or granted by the administration body is in charge of the creation and financing of the marking of the channel. Any other legal entity or person can undertake the creation and the financing of the marking of the channel after/by application submitting.
    • there are no bathers within one hundred (100) meters distance from both sides of their sailing route and they sail at up to three (3) knots or in case there are bathers, they sail at safety which does not exceed one (1) knot, keeping route from/to the open sea.


  1. Not allowed to sail under the following conditions:
    • when the weather conditions are unfavourable as well as before sunrise or after sunset, in case of rented motorboats.
    • within less than a hundred (100) meters distance from the outer side of the floating indicators (buoys) of article 26 which indicate/mark the distance the bathers reach swimming. In case of area peculiarities, such as small boats for example, according to the article 35 committee decision, this distance can be determined even less that one hundred (100) meters but no less that fifty (50) meters and the relevant decision is recorder in the licence body.
    • Within less than two hundred (200) meters distance from the coastline in sea areas where there are no bathers at higher than five (5) knots an hour speed. In case of area peculiarities, such as small bays, for example, according to the article 35 committee decision, this distance can be determined even less than two hundred (200) meters and the relevant decision is recorded in the licence body.
  2. Renting motorboats is prohibitted to people of under eighteen (18) years of age or to people who do not know how to swim, no matter their age. Also operation of motorboats is prohibited to people under sixteen (16) years of age for private use. In case the underage person is sixteen (16) years old or over, an adult person who can both operate the motorboat and swim must be on board and constantly supervise the underaged.
  3. The motorboat complies fully with the saving and fire-fighting rules as well as the number of passengers on board according to everything recorded on the sailing licence.
  4. The departure from and the return to the coast of the rented boat are only permitted providing that both take place within the marked/indicated channel according to article 27, the sailing speed does not exceed five (5) knots per hour and the safety of bathers  within/to the point of the sea area where there us no case of application of elements assigned in the first paragraph of the present article is taken into consideration.

Obligations of the renter according to the Port Authority

  1. Please read carefully the following legal obligations for the vessel operator/charterer as communicated to us by the relevant local port authority. More details HERE
  2. An identity card or passport is necessary during the boat rental and signing the contract, in accordance with the above document of the port authority.